Parental Controls for Android
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Track kids’ phones and tablets remotely.

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Do You Know?

It is essential to use phone monitoring software for kids’ protection these days. The progress of technologies has opened new horizons for children to develop. On the other hand, it has brought about many dangers they must be protected from. Risks concerned with Internet connected mobile phones are most crucial ones.

Careful parents should always keep their eyes open and prevent possible risks in advance. For this purpose, reliable Android monitoring software is the best available way out:

  • monitor mobile phone usage
  • follow Internet activities
  • track locations and routes

How MonitorPhones Protects Your Children

  • Monitor mobile phone usage

    • View incoming and outgoing calls
    • Follow SMS, MMS, and iMessages
    • Keep track of SIM card changes
  • Follow Internet activities

    • Monitor browsing history and bookmarks
    • Track social media and online chats
    • Block applications and websites
  • Track locations and routes

    • Follow GPS location in real time
    • Keep track of routes and movements
    • Find lost or stolen mobile phone

Install Reliable Phone Monitoring on Android

Modern devices can fulfil a lot of different functions. They provide kids with many opportunities and at the same time expose them to many dangers. Both online and during daily activities. That’s why when choosing a parental control application, you should pay special attention to monitoring features it offers. MonitorPhones introduces a list of more than 24 monitoring solutions for you to provide your loved ones with comprehensive protection.

  • SMS and MMS Monitoring
  • Call History Monitoring
  • Calendar Tracking
  • Contacts Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • Photos Monitoring
  • Videos Monitoring
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Browsing History Tracking
  • Application Control
  • Bookmark Monitoring
  • Notes Monitoring
  • Device Blocking
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-fencing Mode
  • Keylogger
  • WhatsApp Monitoring
  • Skype Tracking
  • Facebook Monitoring
  • Viber Monitoring
  • Instagram Monitoring
  • Kik Tracking
  • Snapchat Tracking
  • SMS Commands

Take Advantage of New Spy Apps for Android!

Have you ever thought about spying on someone? We bet you have! Now, with our premium Spy app for Android OS, you have such a wonderful opportunity.

Why do you need this? The question is rather common, as well as the answer is very simple…

Have you noticed that your kid is texting somebody and doesn`t tell you anything about his or her private life? Or the productivity of your company has decreased dramatically because of your employees’ poor performance? Then, you have substantial grounds for concerns. It means that it is time to take advantage of the MonitorPhones - useful Spy apps for Android!

MonitorPhones presents you the unique and already popular spy software for Android operating system that will help you track any phone data safely and invisibly. With our high-tech application, you will be able to spy on Android devices and get all desired information about your target cell phone activities. Do it instantly and efficiently!

One of the Best Spy Apps for Android!

Just image that you have a permanent free access to your tracked device. You can monitor everything, no exaggerations.

It`s paramount for any caring parent to be sure that their children are safe. Everybody knows that modern kids’ and teenagers’ life is reflected in their cell phones, as we can`t simply imagine young generation without the latest gadgets in their hands. With our new spy software for Android phone, it is entirely possible to monitor calls, messages (both outgoing and incoming), follow your child`s web and social networking activities, see your kid`s inbound and outbound emails and even track the phone applications installed. In short, you can spy Android with unlimited access to the smallest detail of your kid’s/employee’s/spouse’s mobile gadget.

However, the spectrum of our Android cell phone spy app features doesn`t end here. You can also monitor the exact GPS location of the target device. It is crucial for every parent to know that their child is in a safe place, spending time in a good company. As you can see, we can equip you with a powerful spy app for Android that enables you to monitor all information your children are looking and sharing online, even right now, at this very moment! There are a lot of websites on the Internet with inappropriate content that should be restricted for kids’ and teenagers’ access. We offer you a reliable tool to take care of your dear children in the age of information technologies domination.

Android Spy Software for Demanding Employers

Android spy software is a very comfortable and useful thing for every employer to install on all company mobile devices. It will provide you with a wide range of options to control the entire work process of your staff. MonitorPhones application won`t let your employees do something that isn`t related to their job duties and violates company policy. It will help you to increase the productivity of your company and mark out professional, responsible employees, who perform only their required job duties with no distractions on some personal things.

This spy software for Android devices has plenty of innovative features and is very easy to install. MonitorPhones app includes over 24 useful tracking options that cover most of your child’s or employee’s smartphone activities. Just accomplish a few simple steps, which you may find at “How It Works” page, and start comprehensive monitoring right away!

With our spy software for Android, you can finally take a breath of relief while following your children or controlling employees without any physical access to the target gadget – everything can be done remotely.

Don’t miss this great chance to install MonitorPhones - indispensable spy software product!


  • Milena G. – mother of 12-year-old son

    “With MonitorPhones, I’m no longer afraid that something can happen with my kid without me knowing. I follow his messaging and online life. I’m sure he’s safe and not engaged in any misgiving activities. I can work without worries that he’ll get in trouble while I’m away. Good app for parents.”
  • Danny P. – father of 15-year-old son

    “I don’t know how parents can let their kids use the Internet without parental control software installed on kids’ devices. Everyone know that the Internet is dangerous for the underage. It may be dangerous even for adults. With this app I’m sure my kids is under my control and I’ll be able to take action as soon as required.”
  • Stanly C. – father of 16-year-old daughter

    “What I like in MonitorPhones is that I can track so many of my daughter’s activities via one simple app. Previously I had to use several similar apps to track location and the Internet. Now it all is in one place. I enter Control Panel and see everything I need to ensure safety for my lil’ girl. MonitorPhones is really reliable tool to take care of children. Recommend to all parents.”

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