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Since the time when iPhones have been first released back in 2007, their popularity grows higher and higher each day. And so does the number of expensive Apple devices stolen. If you want to secure your kids’ mobile phones and, moreover, be able to protect your loved ones remotely, you should set up parental control application on children’s gadgets.

Almost everyone would like to have the iPhone. When it comes to children, these Apple smartphones turn out to be the top desired pick for most of them. However, the price for such gadgets and opportunities they provide children with require parents to secure them and make them childproof. MonitorPhones will make your child’s iPhone a helpful tool with no danger to be afraid of:

  • monitor mobile phone usage
  • follow Internet activities
  • track locations and routes

How MonitorPhones Protects Your Children

  • Monitor mobile phone usage

    • View incoming and outgoing calls
    • Follow SMS, MMS, and iMessages
    • Keep track of SIM card changes
  • Follow Internet activities

    • Monitor browsing history and bookmarks
    • Track social media and online chats
  • Track locations and routes

    • Follow GPS location in real time
    • Keep track of routes and movements
    • Find lost or stolen mobile phone

Use Reliable Phone Monitoring on iPhone

Sure, iPhones, iPad, and iPods Touch make your children’s lives brighter, let them be abreast of the times, and explore this world with a tap on the touchscreen. However, all these functions smartphones and tablets easily fulfil also expose your kids to many dangers you should better prevent them form. To not deprive your loved ones from numerous opportunities that modern gadgets bring, you should monitor kids’ activities by means of parental control software. Comprising more than 12 monitoring solutions MonitorPhones will take care of your children and secure their safety.

Get iPhone Spy Apps and Monitor Device Activities

Tracking app for iPhone is a new option that allows monitoring and checking data on a target device. Furthermore, you can follow all actions performed on your kid’s or employee’s phone by using iPhone monitoring software in order to check what websites they visited recently, what bookmarks saved, what messages have been sent, and many more useful functions.

iPhone monitoring apps like MonitorPhones help caring parents to protect their children from inappropriate and offensive content. Also, this app is very popular among employers who want to control their employees during working hours. Checking how much time some employee spends on his/her workplace will let employers understand why some business plans go wrong as well as why delays and other issues that affect company’s development and profit happen. All these options are available with the iPhone tracking app that can be downloaded from the official site. After download, just follow the step-by-step instruction sent to your email address.

iPhone Monitoring Software Features

MonitorPhones app for iPhone allows to monitor following activities:

Another great advantage of our iPhone spy apps is that it is 100% undetectable. The app operates without any evidence. Once downloaded on a target phone, the icon will be hidden from the application list and task manager. Thus, iPhone tracking location app owner can privately monitor specific device actions for his or her own benefits.

iPhone Tracking App Additional Functions

iPhone monitoring software provides the convenient features for extended usage. The app enables you to check:

MonitorPhones is very easy to set up and easy to use, which makes it arguably one of the best spy apps for iOS devices. iPhone tracking location is a great solution for parents who always want to be aware of their kids’ whereabouts. With this app, you will be able to trace your child exact GPS location in a real time. iPhone tracking app is a must-have for cases like child abduction. You can track the device and view all last actions that have been visited with the target mobile device. iPhone spy apps have already helped millions caring parents who prioritize their children’s safety.

Get the MonitorPhones app in three easy steps:
1) select the appropriate subscription plan, 2) set up our Spy App, and 3) start monitoring the target phone for your peace of mind!


  • Susan H. – mother of 11-year-old daughter

    “My good friend recommended me MonitorPhones, that’s why I decided to give it a try. The app turned out to be just exactly what I needed. I’m away very often and always worried about my girl leaving her home alone. With MonitorPhones, I know she’s safe. Moreover, I can notice anything that can hurt her anyhow and react respectively. Amazing solution!”
  • Miranda K. – mother of 13-year-old son

    “I use MonitorPhones mainly to monitor calls and text messages my son receives. I used another app, but when the subscription was over, I decided to try something new. MonitorPhones is a great discovery. There are so many useful functions in one and only place. Now I can monitor all my son’s activities without being limited to calls and SMS. Location, Internet, browsing, chats. Everything in one app!”
  • Ronald K. – father of 15-year-old daughter

    “With such an app I can take care of my boy remotely from work. It shows me websites he visits, texts he receives on the Internet. I can also track his location anytime I need. Thus, I know where he is and if he tells me truth concerning skipping school. I can view his routes and find out where he was at each particular time. Great opportunity for parents. Recommend!”

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